Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello, gorgeous...

Ahhhh. What a marvelous day. Spring at her finest in Minneapolis just feels so right. Why won't they hurry up and make an iphone app that can summon the same experience? Apple, I have issued the challenge. I'm not buying the phone, mind you, I just want to scratch my head and say "huh?" one more time. Shhh. I'm not finished. I want to know where in the world solid months made of this weather exist. It's gotta be happening somewhere, right? Here in Minnesota, we get six straight months of shite without a hitch, it's practically guaranteed. I want six months of exquisite springtime and then two months each of the rest of it. Who is with me?

Spring is all about blossoms and the seduction of the senses. It's a perfect moment for this lovely creature to come into her own. She's kept to her boudoir mostly 'cause she feels all coltish, not a girl and not yet a woman, but with an instinct that her gown is being taken from the form. The fitting begins tomorrow. One last peek in order to queue the before and afters. Soon, we'll be dancing.



  1. Holy shit, Tim, that is stunning. Well damn done, brother!

    How do it play?


  2. That's a quarter in the swear jar.

    I haven't played this gal really. I strung her up for the guitar show, but the electronics and nut are the last in line. The neck is a pretty firm V between frets 1 and 4, then it opens up into a nice full C shape. The fretboard has a compound radius, from 9.5" progressing to 14". Subtle, but it seems to allow for huge overbends, ala A. King without fretting out. I'm dying to plug this baby in. Ouch.

  3. That is beautiful

    Will D