Thursday, November 4, 2010


This season of the year is my favorite. So much movement occurs in everything. The squirrels in Loring park are darned friendly. And we turn away from getting, briefly, and live in gratitude. Besides all that stuff, another great thing happens in the cold months that is one of my very personal pleasures. I step up to the beer cooler and on the other side of the glass awaits this septet, this delight of the senses. Celebrate!


The changes at school include wrapping up the electric guitar section and swapping places with the guys into the acoustic section. This is a milestone of sorts. We have a skill set under our belts now that will make money for us if we seek it. Exhibit A: My grade sheet for our guitar setup class.


Our teacher said that when you receive an "A" on your work, it indicates pro-quality results. 35 is a perfect score on this project, with four graded efforts required. The "tele" was my first shot and it wasn't too bad. The teacher and I were reading our gauges differently. (His way = correct. Hellas!) After I corrected for that, things started working for me and I wrapped up by acing one and pulling 34/35 on another.

Know what else? I can wire this now. If you open up the control cavity on the ubiquitous "Les Paul" guitar, this is pretty much what you would find, less the peg-board stock.


And in the last 24 hours, I learned to calculate the dimensions of a nut and then cut two of them for different nut slots and headstock designs. Here you see four blanks and one finished piece.

Hand-carved, all of it and I thought it looked smashing. I got a middlin' B from Boss Vincent.

I'm bushed. I'm hungry for soup and porridge. Not together, of course. Just sometime soon. I'll even cook them myself if I can find time. I drove all the way to Minneapolis to vote last night and still haven't had time to find out who our Governor is. Anybody?

Nevermind. I'm going to bed.

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