Friday, February 25, 2011


There's not much to say tonight. This one is almost finished. Drill a couple of holes, contour the neck, little of this, little of that... Almost finished. I cannot wait to plug this baby in and then sing for my supper. I did lose a screw (yeah, ha ha everybody) and I'm patiently awaiting its replacement. This Monday is officially mid-term. I gotta put my stuff in a matchbox and carry it 40 feet, then move back in, short term housing. Click on the photo to view it unimpeded.


I recently took possession of some Honduran Rosewood. This is the desired material for carving Marimba bars. In other words, the wood rings like a bell. For my acoustic build, call it back and sides. The soundboard is Adirondack Spruce, one of the Holy Grails of acoustic tonewood. The neck wood, Mahogany, also hails from Honduras. In a perfect world, these brothers-from-another-mother are pining to be reunited. I'm thrilled to rejoin them. Check back to witness the construction of my "0" style build, play by play. Cheers.

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