Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome to day one....

Like a lot of happy folks before me, I've chosen a path that marries passion to profession.  Being an active maker of music has always brought to me much joy and many a time, sent my blues a-walkin'.  This blog will follow from the first step, my journey of becoming a professional luthier.  

Later in the month, classes begin at the Southeast Technical College.  I will be counted among the students in the 2010-2011 Guitar Building and Repair course.  You can check out this time-tested vocational program here.

My mitts have already mapped the contours of my first batch of tools; some fancy Japanese chisels, a smart-looking digital caliper and one very expensive French-made woodcarvers plane.  And some other junk.  Each breath I take is redolent of Cedar, Ebony, Spruce, Rosewood and bone.  Speak, O E add 9 chord.  My worries seem so very small.  (Thank you, Jimi.)


  1. Yes, I WILL have #001 - and the first comment on this way cool journey for you.

  2. I'm guessing this is my good buddy Bill. Thanks for the support, friend. The first comment is all yours, but it just wouldn't do for me to sell my firstborn! I humbly offer serial #002 instead.

  3. Please reserve serial # 004 for is, after all, my lucky number. I'll be following your journey all the way, old friend. Really happy to see you following your bliss.

    Scotty B

  4. Scotty B! #004 is all yours. How does Oli feel about the number 5? I could build a matched pair with complimentary voices.

  5. Awesome! Take advantage of this opportunity . Its going to change your life. Oh yeah and move back to California. Plenty of guitar shops here to get going.

  6. Shredder,
    I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see what this season in your life brings. If you need a break, ever, you know we are here for you, baby.
    Love to you,

  7. Oh, I suppose I should purchase #005 for Dave, but only if you autograph it!:)

  8. We're with you on this grand adventure! Every step (or keystroke) of the journey.
    The best to ya,

  9. being in stealth mode as the first commenter, I get tagged as Bill? Well ol' buddy, I cleared things up a bit for ya...and I still want 001.