Sunday, August 15, 2010

So you want #007...

Just one week until I again become a professional student.  I'll charge through those seven days like a six pack with a buddy, in a cornfieldBroad, bucolic strokes I makes here, no?  Well, I've been hanging out and working in Red Wing and dangit, it's different there.  I meet lots of farmers, shoe builders and beauticians that hunt game.  You know, I've lived in the city for a long time.  (That's Minneapolis.  Many of the Red Winged call it the big city.)  Its' odd mix of oddness has become normal for me.  So I'm making some adjustments.  And scouting cornfields.  

Back to the topic!  Some readers have mentioned having some amount of interest in owning an instrument built by me.  If this reader is you, I offer my orders page.  I perform custom work for my friends and fellow musicians; those who seek the inspiration of a fine, hand built instrument or a detail-oriented setup.  When you choose a custom crafted work, there is much to consider in order to achieve a tailor-made fit.  This page will ask those questions and get you thinking.  Learning more about your guitar is what this is all about.  FYI, the orders page is not yet up and it will be an in-progress work.  Soon I'll have posted some cool resources for ya.  If you look at my profile "interests", you'll get a sneak peak at the topics I'll be covering in the near future.  

I'mma go walk 'round the big city.  

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  1. Well, I reckon it didn't take much to pound out a post for the Orders page, so it actually is up. Have a gander.