Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Boat is Afloat. Thank you, school.

It is wonderfully excellent, my current situation.  I'm shagged out from the non-stop schedule.  My self-imposed dietary restrictions are having a booger of a time finding satisfaction.  (Stomach, say hello to Culver's Butterburger.  Bacon on that for ya?)  As my buddy Dan Reeder says, and I paraphrase, I got all the work I need.  The pace has been brisk and the demands, relentless, but I'm loping along and grinning like a splashing kid in a bubble bath.

You might already know me as a hairstylist.  After 13 years, I still have a great time with the hair gig.  However, we are coming up short in the fireworks department.  And let's face it, we all like a little Pyro now and then.  I never once couldn't sleep due to excitement over hairdressing;  for the work or the schooling for that matter.  Something is different about luthier school, so somebody make sure we have extra buckets hangin' around.  I expect skyrockets!  Swart, you are in charge of water detail.

Classes meet from 9am to 4pm every weekday.  After that I work at the salon from as soon as I can get there until we close at 9pm.  For the first several weeks of my program, we focus on tools and how to use them safely or make them extra, extra sharp.  Fridays, we get down to business with setups for electric and acoustic guitars.  This is a fascinating topic for me.  As a guitar player, I have experienced top-notch setups and the abysmally bad as well.  Lookie here.  A proper, careful setup is essential if you are serious about playing.  Get in touch with me and we can make it happen for your best gal.

So.  My tools are looking just swell, I'm scoring highly on every graded effort and I'm loving every minute of it.  I do have a funny story to tell you but I'll wrap this post up before it gets out of hand.  Next time you see me, ask me about the drive home.  Or just wait for the post.

And I think I'll hang some pictures soon. 

Until then, measure twice, cut once.


  1. Sounds as if all is going well.
    Frantic is always the initial phase of the journey, then the rhythm sets in.

    Good on ya, Tim.


  2. (In my best Brian Adams voice):

    I made my first real six string
    whoa, at the luthier school.
    Lathed until my fingers bled,
    was the summer of 2010.

    Keep it up, broseph. Can't wait to pick your product!